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Check out our Addon Program!!  It is just what you need!
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Set up of program with your category pages (using your graphics so that your shopping pages look like your website):  One time fee of $149.95, monthly fee is $15.00.

Other options are available.  Please contact us for more info by clicking on Contact Us.
Why do I need a website?
That is one of the most important and most frequently asked questions of the digital business age.  Even if you do not want to sell online, a well put together web site is essential for any business.

Here's the ONLY exception:   It's actually better to have no website at all than to have one that makes your business look bad. Your site speaks volumes about your business.  It either says, "We take our business so seriously that we have created this wonderful site for our customers!" or it screams, "I let my 10-year-old nephew design my site."
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Moon & Stars Web Designs
FULL service web designing (we do it all!).  Pricing varies according to your needs.

Simple DIY
Do it yourself website program.  No HTML Knowledge necessary.  $20.00 a month fee plus small set up fee. 

Moon & Stars Graphics
Graphics for every website, business cards, etc.  Trendy, Steampunk, Country, Primitive, Shabby Chic, Commercial just to name a few!

Do you just need hosting?  We have that,too!  Please email us by clicking HERE.

While you can get a domain name just about anywhere, we take the responsibility of making sure your domain name is always working, renewed and pointing to your website, so we do charge a bit more, but we take the worry about it from you!  We charge $25.00 a year.  Please email us for more info by clicking HERE.

We have a small service that will submit your keywords and description and a few other SEO criteria that needs to be done once a month for 6 months for your site.  The fee for this is $75.00 every 6 months.  Please email us for more info by clicking HERE.